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The Manuthera 242 is an all-in-one treatment table for examination and treatment

It is sold to over 50 countries and appreciated by top professionals such as Osteopaths, OMT Physiotherapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Sports Massage Therapists.

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Manufacturers of the Manuthera 242 Treatment Table

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“Probably the most versatile treatment table in the world”

The Lojer Customer Promise

“We are committed to giving healthcare professionals easy access to sustainable medical equipment and tools for effective patient care and treatment, right now and continuing into the future.”

Adaptable to virtually any scenario in physical medicine, for example Paediatric Osteopathy

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Hear from a UK Clinic

“We purchased one Manuthera 242 treatment table for our practice. It quickly became so popular amongst our Team that our Clinicians would compete for use of The Manuthera 242 with all of their patients. Our patients range from Paediatric patients to patients in an acute condition; from patients requiring a traditional involuntary cranial and biodynamic approach to osteopathy to our professional sports teams requiring K-Laser & Shockwave Therapy and even Acupuncture. As a result we decided to purchase more Manuthera 242’s and provide them for all Clinicians and patients in our business. After 30 years of providing Osteopathy & Physical Medicine our clinic agrees that The Manuthera 242 is probably the most versatile treatment table in the world” – Integrated Physical Medicine – Naval Mair, London UK.

Manuthera 242 Capabilities

Take a look to realise the scope of what is possible.

Experience Manuthera 242

Discover why the Manuthera 242 is in a class of its own.

The Manuthera 242 Gift

The Learning Hub provides a wealth of useful training.

All-in-one Treatment Table

Versatile diagnosis and treatment options addressing muscle tension, flexibility and intervertebral mobility

Three-Dimensional Movement

Allows the vertebrae of the patient’s thoracic spine and ribs to be mobilised in a unique way

Precise Targeted Treatment

The treatment can be precisely targeted to the desired vertebral intervals with ease

Energy Conserving

Assists the therapist to self-preserve their energy painlessly and with ease, hence recover faster from each session

Ergonomic Design

The treatment table is sturdy, with various support points, yet narrow enough for the therapist to use their own body weight

Various Morphologies

Different morphologies of the treatment table offer a number of possibilities for patient comfort and ease 

Why Choose The Manuthera 242

A new dimension in treatment tables.


Provides more efficient, accurate patient diagnosis and treatment


Ergonomic movement adding to patient and clinician comfort


Moves like the body not like a machine

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