Manuthera 242

A New Dimension in Mobilisation

The Manuthera 242 treatment table provides more efficient, accurate patient diagnosis and treatment. Its perfect ergonomic movement benefits the comfort of the patient and the clinician. The result is a versatile treatment table that moves like the human body and not like a machine.

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Manuthera 242 Capabilities

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The Manuthera 242 allows an unlimited number of techniques

All-in-one Treatment Table

Versatile diagnosis and treatment options addressing muscle tension, flexibility and intervertebral mobility

Three-Dimensional Movement

Allows the vertebrae of the patient’s thoracic spine and ribs to be mobilised in a unique way

Precise Targeted Treatment

The treatment can be precisely targeted to the desired vertebral intervals with ease

Energy Conserving

Assists the therapist to self-preserve their energy painlessly and with ease, hence recover faster from each session

Ergonomic Design

The treatment table is sturdy, with various support points, yet narrow enough for the therapist to use their own body weight

Various Morphologies

Different morphologies of the treatment table offer a number of possibilities for patient comfort and ease 

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